Amazon Smile

When you designate us as your Amazon Smile charity, you can shop at Amazon, and Amazon will donate to us at no cost to you! Better yet, give us a call and we'll set the whole thing up for you - it's easy! Just ask for Lauren Chan at (410) 964-2880, or email

Here's how you can do it yourself!

Step 1. Set us as your charity:

- Click here:

- Then select "Start shopping"

- Next, click the checkbox next to the text "

Yes, I understand that I must always start

at to support

Maryland State Dental Association Foundation. "

- Click "Start shopping" again. That's it!

Step 2. Install the Extension:

Click the browser type that you use and install the extension. Why do this? Since Amazon only donates to us if you use the URL "", this extension redirects your to that URL any time you forget! Handy!

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Patterson Dental is a Platinum level sponsor the MSDAF.  Patterson has done a lot to support our MOMs. They've given us grants, discounts on equipment and supplies, and you will see their techs at almost every clinic volunteering their time and expertise. Thanks Patterson!

We envision

Maryland as home to a healthy community where no dental disease is left untreated.