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Become an Intern with the MSDAF

Gain valuable community and public health experience as an intern with MSDA Foundation!

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The Maryland State Dental Association Foundation (MSDAF) offers full-time and part-time internship opportunities to current college students interested in working in the public health field. Students will have the chance to build valuable skills and make connections, while supporting the mission of the MSDA Foundation. 

  • Facilitate fundraisers

  • Assist in writing grant proposals

  • Find in-kind contributors

  • Run online campaigns

  • Find charities to receive donations from the MSDAF

  • Learn how to organize and implement the Missions of Mercy.

  • Help arrange meetings and participate in program growth

  • Programs and navigate their growth

  • Marketing campaigns via social media and newsletters

  • Relationships with the dental and non-profit communities in Maryland and beyond

  • Volunteer and donor relationships and bases

  • Lasting professional skills such as time management, technology innovation, and communication.

  • Lasting relationships with peers, mentors, and the community.





Kiran Headshot.jpeg

Kiran Saini
Intern through August 2023

My time at the MSDAF has provided a unique perspective on oral public health. I have learned so much about organized dentistry and its necessity for both patients and providers. Throughout this experience, I have networked with various leaders in this field. As interns we were given every opportunity to learn about the MSDAF’s outreach and initiatives, and our input was always welcome. I was encouraged to use my critical thinking skills during brainstorming sessions and follow-up meetings for ongoing projects. I especially enjoyed some of the personal projects I worked on, such as reorganizing the membership call log and consolidating data for Give Kids A Smile in MD. I appreciated the consistent feedback and attention to detail; although our supervisors had many of their own tasks to complete, they were quick to respond to my many questions. 


Although many of the MSDAF’s projects are long-term and require months of planning, I still feel that I was able to contribute positively to the overall mission and purpose of the organization. While it can be hard not to see immediate results, I look forward to seeing our upcoming Missions of Mercy and silent auction at the Chesapeake Dental Conference. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work alongside brilliant minds at the MSDAF and MSDA. They have inspired me to pursue a career in oral public health and continue to strive to create equitable and accessible dental care for our state.

Lin Headshot.jpg

Lin Tomohara
Intern through August 2023

Interning at the MSDAF has enabled me to support integral efforts to provide quality dental care and raise oral health awareness in Maryland. Through in-depth event planning for Missions of Mercy (MOM) clinics, conferences and research with esteemed dental professionals, and social media campaigns for oral health, I engaged in a multitude of action-driven and collaborative initiatives, knowing that I was making a difference. I also had ongoing projects of my own: I wrote in-kind donation inquiries and created MSDAF powerpoints to be presented at local components, yet despite the consistency in these projects I always walked out of the office each week with new and exciting tasks and lessons. 


My input was constantly appreciated and respected, and I feel honored to have worked with such amazing mentors and fellow interns. I had a wonderful time during this internship, and my experience has been incredibly valuable in developing my understanding of the dental profession. I’ve become inspired about how I can help my community as a future dentist and look forward to working again with our dental community going forward! 

Sabeera Headshot.png

Sabeera 'Sabi' Anjum
Intern through August 2023

Interning at MSDA has been a privilege and a wonderful experience for me. Since the beginning, MSDA has always provided me with a supportive and knowledge-enriched environment that allowed me to understand oral public health better. During this internship, I had the opportunity to work on many great projects with the staff and the other fellow interns, as well as learn about the foundation's initiatives and outreach.


Interning at MSDA really inspired me to learn more about how I can do more to help my community in regards to oral health. I had great mentors  and fellow interns who helped me through things that I didn't understand at times. The foundation always had exciting projects for us to work on, and although they were long-term, I am still glad that I was able to work on them with the team.


With my fellow interns, I was tasked to work on presentations for the project "Mission of Mercy (MOMs)," as well as many other exciting projects. I look forward to seeing the MOMs event as well as the Chesapeake Dental Conference. These projects at the foundation also required me to use my critical thinking as well as my research skills. I am glad that I was able to be a part of the mission of this foundation. It has inspired me to not only help the community by becoming a hygienist but also work with the outreach programs that are striving to make dental care accessible for those who are underserved as well as uninsured. 


Overall, interning at MSDA has been a rewarding experience that has enriched my knowledge and passion for oral health, and I am grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the foundation's important work in the community.


Find out more about applying for an internship with the MSDA Foundation:

  • Contact your college or university's career center for application dates and details

  • Contact the Foundation's Executive Director, Greg Buckler, for more information.


Internships are typically offered during the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters.

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