Mission of Mercy (MOM) clinics provide free dental care to those in need.


The MSDAF supports these and similar clinics around the state of Maryland in a variety of ways - most importantly by volunteering. 


The work done at these clinics is dependent on the dedication of volunteer dental professionals, technicians, and



The donations and grants provided by you, our support base, and our partner organizations are also essential to the success and future of these clinics.


The MOM clinics are designed to treat patients now and to raise awareness about oral health coverage inequalities. The work done at these clinics is only a step in the right direction toward decreasing these disparities. There remains a great need for further education and fundamental, systemic support for oral health.


Mission of Mercy Dates 

Other ways to access free and low-cost dental care




TBD 2021




TBD 2021





"Doing it once, I was hooked...It was such a fulfilling experience...It gives me hope for our community.
I look around this room and I see all of these people who are all here volunteering their time, their talent, and their resources to make this happen.“
John Wright, Volunteer
Eastern Shore Mission of Mercy 
March 2017

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Our partners in changemaking

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We envision

Maryland as home to a healthy community where no dental disease is left untreated.

For monthly updates about the Mission of Mercy and our other charitable works click here.

Tim Girard, and the RK Tongue team go miles to provide continuous support of MOM projects and our dental student scholarships. In fact, they help insure all of the events, and are the reason we are able to offer the biggest scholarship available to UMSOD students! They are an endorsed vendor of "MSDA Member Perks", and have been a partner as far back as the 1940's!

Henry Schein is truly one of the biggest supporters of our work. From charitable donations of supplies to grant funding. Josh Irwin, George Irwin, Jerry Hebert, and Ryan Smith are staples of the MOM projects. They provide the hands on support that is fundamental to our success, and  show Henry Schein truly does care 

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