The MSDAF strives towards a Maryland as home to a healthy community where no dental disease is left untreated.


Sharon Dashiell,

Mission of Mercy Leader

Eastern Shore Mission of Mercy

March 2017

“Currently there’s a huge issue in the legislature dealing with coverage for medical and dental treatment…Dental care is directly related to heart issues and brain function…Somebody needs to realize that.”

Dr. Diane Romaine


"Access to dental care is a fundamental human need that many people suffer without.

The MSDA Foundation catalyzes leaders and those who want to work to help others access that need. 

The efforts of our board of members and volunteers change lives and I am honored to be part of this devoted group of dental professionals that truly care about their fellow human-beings."

Mr. Eric Biagioli

Executive Director

"This work is my passion. Not only because we have the privilege of treating people in our community in need of dental care, but because we get to connect with them emotionally.


What's more, our team is comprised of the most profoundly inspiring and honorable people one could meet. And that's a big deal.


What better work can one do than team up with such incredible leaders to achieve such a good cause?"



To improve the oral health of Marylanders through education and support of programs that improve access to dental care.

  • Increase volunteer support of charitable dental programs to bring dental care to the underserved

  • Appreciate dental students who are doing charitable work by offering them scholarships, and encouraging a future of charitable leaders in dentistry

  • Enhance the image of the MSDAF and raise awareness of the dental health crisis among MSDA members and the public at large

  • Increase donor participation and grants received to address the dental health crisis


The MSDAF is dedicated to advancing the oral healthcare of the public by supporting outreach programs that offer dental care and oral health education to underserved populations. The MSDA believes that all Marylanders, regardless of barriers to care, should be the beneficiaries of the finest dental treatment. The MSDA membership is the majority of this state's oral health care givers and providers of dental treatment and is dedicated to improve access to needed oral healthcare and help to eliminate health disparities.

The MSDAF will be focusing its fundraising efforts on helping outreach initiatives to meet the need to address both access to oral care as well as the utilization of this care.

THE MISSION OF MERCY was the first Outreach program supported by the MSDAF. In an effort to increase access to quality dental care, MSDA members volunteered their time and professional skills by partnering with local organizations to provide oral healthcare for individuals who suffered due to lack of financial resources and economic hardships. This model of access to care through volunteerism is the hallmark of the Mission of Mercy outreach program.

Learn more about the MISSION OF MERCY and how to get involved.

The MSDAF will encourage and support access to quality oral care at the local level by making grants available to MOMs. As leaders within their communities, and professionals who are compassionate about helping the people they serve, MSDA members will continue to support access to care within their local communities by volunteering their time and services.

Research continues to show that good dental health improves the overall condition of an individual's health. The relationship between oral health, overall health, and well-being throughout a person's lifespan is based on the effectiveness and importance of implementing preventive measures. To support and promote the need for quality oral healthcare and help to eliminate health disparities, the MSDAF will focus its fundraising efforts on providing dental care to all, and access to those who have a need.


The MSDAF provides annual scholarships to dental students with a heart for service.

To learn more, apply, or support the scholarship fund see the scholarships page!

2017 Scholarship Recipients Kathryn Pawlak and Alenna Monet with MSDAF Board President Dr. Diane Romaine


Gain valuable community and public health experience as an intern with the MSDA Foundation!


Learn more on the internships page!


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Patterson Dental is a Platinum level sponsor the MSDAF.  Patterson has done a lot to support our MOMs. They've given us grants, discounts on equipment and supplies, and you will see their techs at almost every clinic volunteering their time and expertise. Thanks Patterson!

Maryland as home to a healthy community where no dental disease is left untreated.