Give a gift to your colleague's practice

and support a good cause!

Complete the form, enter a note to the recipient, and the gift will be sent to your colleague in your name. Give a gift that will show you care, are an active member of the dental community, and one which will truly make a difference. The gift contains:

- A letter from us describing the impact of your gift on the community, containing your note

- A coffee mug

- A Mission of Mercy supporter shirt

- A "Charity dental clinic" door sticker for the practice

- MOM pens


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Our partners in changemaking

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Patterson Dental is a Platinum level sponsor the MSDAF.  Patterson has done a lot to support our MOMs. They've given us grants, discounts on equipment and supplies, and you will see their techs at almost every clinic volunteering their time and expertise. Thanks Patterson!

We envision

Maryland as home to a healthy community where no dental disease is left untreated.